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TR: Cyrna by RyuKiraXKHX
TR: Cyrna

Name: Cyrna
Species: Lunatone
Age: 26
Birthday: December 25

Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Thoroughly Cunning

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 163 lbs 

Gender: Female
Sex: Female

Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Job: Librarian

Level: 30
Ability: Levitate

:iconrocktypeplz: Rock Polish
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psywave
:iconrocktypeplz: Rock Slide
:iconpsychictypeplz: Cosmic Power

Personality: She's a shy little sweetheart. She tends not to go up to people she doesn't know, usually doesn't know what to say. When she does know you, she's like a mother. She goes out of her way to make someone else's day better even if it may cause her some backlash. Her optimism is almost unbreakable, only faltering when people she cares about are hurt. She'll even take a cruel beating and come out with a smile on her face. She has never once gotten mad, though she will be stern to those she cares about that do stupid things. When she does get sad, (which pretty much has only happened once) it's a deep depression with a good long cry in the beginning. Afterall, she bottled up so much pain from her childhood, when she gets sad, she gets saaaaaaad. She's a bookworm, mostly into scifi. She's smart, but not doctor/lawyer/scientist smart. But while she is smart, she is ignorant of people interaction, which contributes to her shyness.

History: It was around christmas when she was abandoned at the door of a small orphanage in Fallarbor Town. She was a tiny, adorable, smiling baby with two colored eyes, but she was born with no arms. Everything else about her was as normal as any baby, she just had no arms. The orphanage would have left her alone after a while as well, but one 5 year old boy took it upon himself to take care of her. He was a little mute elgyem by the name of Chen. He raised her and gave her all the love she needed to make it through the first 6 years of her life. He was her shield, her teacher, and pretty much was tthe best big brother anyone would want. When she was 6, he was adopted and she was left alone. The bullies she had during the first six years now had more freedom to bully her, but by then, she finally fought back, though only defensively. She survived up to age 20 when she finally had the money to go to a school of her own choice. She chose a rather prestigious one where she had a lot of firsts. The first place people cared about her, her first friends, the first time she ever cried. She was even reunited with her dear brother Chen who had transferred from his old school. Many strange events happened during her time there. Bad guys came to destroy the school, but she saw kindness in one and reached out to him. Now and then, they got to talk, making her believe more and more that he wasn't bad. When he stopped helping out, his 'companions' punished him by harming and kidnapping her. Her old arms were crushed and she was tortured, but the man she was starting to befriend, Pascal, helped the school to save her and everyone else. Only her brother had ever done anything to that extent for her and so she felt quite attached to Pascal. He had to of course go away for a while but she was sure she would see him again. Between him leaving and him returning, she had gotten a new set of arms and was visited by Tyltanus, a cobalion man with relations to one of the teachers from the school, who gave her half a keystone saying Pascal was dead. She was rather devastated, crying for the first time in her life and for a good while afterwards, she didn't feel at all happy, though she did get over it since 'wouldn't he be sad where he is now if he saw her so sad for too long?' That logic works with her and she went back to normal happy Cyrna. When Pascal returned, alive and well and a student even, she was incredibly happy, a bit grumpy at Tyltanus for lying to her but still as happy as she possibly could be. She often spent her time with Pascal once he returned and when the school shut down, she offered he come live with her. They spent a year together until one of his spirits decided to lash out at her. Worried for her, he left to find his cobalion teacher to train and get stronger so that wouldn't happen again. She waited for a couple years, but the library she worked in decided to transfer her to a library located in Daigakkou City in the Tohaku Region. She moved but she knew that she would see Pascal again, without a doubt. The new library seemed like it would be a more permanent place for her, so she planned to stay there so her friend wouldn't have to look too hard.

- She met her parents while in school, they weren't the best of people and tried to take her away, but she was an adult with her own decisions and with the backup of the school, they left her alone.
- She has an uncle who she keeps in touch with, with the phone she got from Chen. He's a whimsical claydol cop named Greggory.
- She's a bit of an insomniac though not as much since she became a librarian.
- She has a couple science fiction stories she's been writing which she hopes to one day finish.
- With her psychic and rock abilities, she can shape rocks into any shape and make them move about like they were alive, such as her arms.
- She's gotten fond of big sweaters since she can have her arms in the sleeves and look pretty much normal.
- She's only a level 30 cause of all the fights where she had to defend herself while at the orphanage.
- She chooses not to have a last name, though if she ever got married, she'd take their name.

Medical Conditions:
- She has Amelia, focused only on her arms.…
- Heterochromia iridum, her two different colored eyes.…
- She has a couple scars on her back from one of the fights she was in when she was younger.
- Her skin is denser than normal skin. It's not easy to cut her but not impossible. Her bones are also stronger than normal. She took the weight of the giant that broke her old arms and also did a number on the ground around her and came out with only a few broken bones. 
Save the Fluffpots by RyuKiraXKHX
Save the Fluffpots

Both objectives in one mini-comic. It's colored in a sorta spring way(reminds me of chalk art by kids.)

Tickle is a presh baby that wants to help, but she's so small she can't even weigh the cottonee down an ounce. Good thing big sis Lissy was there as well. The rest of the ranch either caught blown away fluffpots or found any unbroken eggs they could.

Tickle - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1) x 5=15 levels
Lissy - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1) x 2=6 levels
Sun Queen - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1)=3 levels
Musashi - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1)=3 levels
Giggly Egg - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1)=3 levels
Lily Dancer - Fullbody(2) + Simple BG(1)=3 levels

BO: Tourniquet by RyuKiraXKHX
BO: Tourniquet

Pokemon: Scatterbug
Name: Tourniquet
Gender: Female
Type: Bug/Dragon
Hatch Date: 3/31/15
ID Number: 28071
Level: 6
Started Base Attack: 13
Current Base Attack: 14
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconbugtypeplz: String Shot
Level Up Log:
App +4

App and Pokemon (c) :iconryukiraxkhx:
Have hearts and sparkles Phantom by RyuKiraXKHX
Have hearts and sparkles Phantom
My entry for SkullCollectorCubone's lifemate contest for Phantom Mist.

Giggly may not be the strongest little egg, but she makes up for it by meaning well. Giggly would go up to bullies and lecture them.(It could work too, for two reason. One, they actually listen, or two, they're creeped out) The fact that a part of her is a pokemon known for happiness, she would have a hard time truly fighting, but there are a couple occasions she can get mad. (Like if people she cares about are being hurt too much)

How I see Phantom and Giggly meeting(lifemate-wise), Phantom had gone off to find a place to be alone after some pokemon said mean and hurtful things. Giggly was nearby and drawn by his sad feelings. She doesn't like knowing someone is sad.She finds him all brooding on his own, decides to try cheering him up. Her attempt to do so is attack him with her move Charm but that's the only attack she would use. In her mind, hearts, sparkles, and being happy herself would help him be happy again.

Levels for both: FullBody(2) + Shading(2) + Simple BG(1) x 2 = 10 levels each.

Phantom is Skull's
Giggly is mine

Whole Buncha Mimes and Fluffy Pups //Open// by RyuKiraXKHX
Whole Buncha Mimes and Fluffy Pups //Open//
Three clutches with :iconpcchamp053: Same parents for all three. I was trying to get a morph but hey, got a shiny in the end, thats good too.

Clutch A
Start BA: 7
Start Level: 4
Hatch Date: 3/27/15

A1. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz: Mime Jr./Eevee cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels.
Squinty eyes.
On Hold - :iconchai-tea-dream:

A2. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::icondarktypeplz: Mime Jr./Zorua cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels.
Sky blue eyes.
Taken - :iconredwolfvirus:

A3. :icondarktypeplz: Zorua Female - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Robin's egg blue eyes.
Clutch B
Start BA: 9
Start Level: 4
Hatch Date: 3/27/15

B1. :iconnormaltypeplz::iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime Jr./Eevee cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels.
Ear and tail baubles.

B2. :icondarktypeplz::iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime Jr./Zorua cross Female - 100:points: or 20 levels
Grey-blue nose and chest bauble.

B3. :iconfairytypeplz::icondarktypeplz::iconnormaltypeplz: Mime Jr./Zorua/Eevee Female - 200:points: or 20 levels.
Pretty brown fluff.
Taken - :iconxxaurataurusxx:
Clutch C
Start BA: 7
Start Level: 4
Hatch Date: 3/27/15

C1. :icondarktypeplz: Zorua Male - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Glarey twin.

C2. :icondarktypeplz: Zorua Male - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Unamused twin.

C3. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime Jr. shiny Male.
Evil Black and White baby o' mine.
Miiiiiiiine all miiiine

C4. :iconnormaltypeplz: Eevee Female - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Miss Wiggly Bums.

For members of :iconpkmnation: only.


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