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I need to be more serious by RyuKiraXKHX
I need to be more serious

The cry rang out and the grumpy minun wasn't so grumpy anymore. He is now worried. Fight forgotten, he wanted to find the pink plusle, oh but where did she go. Before he could wander off alone, Orsen stopped him. "At least let us help you." Gungi wasn't gonna help when the rancher(basically me) came. Also worried about her precious pokebabus, she came out from hiding(stalking them precious pokebabus before hand to...again make sure theyre safe.) She couldn't bare leaving the minun to find his friend all alone. Picking up the obstinant Gungi, she let the pokemon lead, though lent out a helpful eye...maybe not so helpful as it got darker out. Rock Candy was still having too much fun riding Lissy's head.

Fullbody + Shading + Detailed BG + Event + Other Pokemon + Ranger = 10 levels each.

Gungi -…

The title refers to the rancher, aka Me, I mean look at my face.
I do like how this background turned out far more than the last.
PT: Rainbow Bird by RyuKiraXKHX
PT: Rainbow Bird

Name: Terrowin
Tribal Name: Meadow Trail

Age: 23
Job: Tao Deputy
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Archeops
Birth Season: Summer
Height: 4'11" (5'2" with his green mohawk) has a 9' wingspan.

Ability: Defeatist
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Highly Curious

Personality: He's a mix of youthful curiosity and childishness, and mature responsibility and seriousness. Like two sides of a coin. If you know him normally, he wouldn't seem like deputy material. He tends to play around, mess with things he doesn't understand as long as they look harmless, and is even known to chase butterfrees and leaves. His motto in life is 'Have fun when there's fun to be had.' People who know him better know that he's a reliable, hardworking guy. He takes being a deputy seriously and wants only the best for his, and even the other, tribe(s).
Hobbies: Both hunting and playing with Liepards and Purrloins. Generally being silly. Preening his feathers.
Weaknesses/Fears: Scythers. While he's not particularily afraid of water, he hates having his wings wet. They drag him down getting extremely heavy and awkward(tends to bathe by using wet rags and a special comb, takes around two hours) He IS afraid of water during winter, mixture of cold(bleh) and wet(more bleh). He's afraid of loosing any of his feathers.  
Weapons: Many sets of claws and pretty strong jaws.
History: Terrowin never knew his father and no matter how many times he asked, his mother didn't know.....or wouldn't tell him where his father went. She was a nice woman so he didnt think she was telling him to not tell him. Maybe his father was bad, maybe his father died before he could remember, maybe he just disappeared, no one knows. It was probably becaue he grew up with no father that he is both responsible and childish. She had him help out at home and with her work, she is a crafter. She also let him go out wherever he wanted and play as long as he stayed within the border and came home before it got too dark. Probably not the best thing to do for your tiny little kid. That showed true when he went out, one day, further out than normal. He was about 5 then. He wandered almost to Gin's border. There, a rogue scyther appeared and started buzzing...growling....'scyther'ing threateningly at him. He was a smart boy, knew the difference between happy animal sounds and not happy animal sounds. he tried to back away, but moving at all was what set the bug off to attack. Being a small child back then, he didn't really know close to anything about fighting. His first instinct was to hold his hands out in defense. The bug mercilessly slashed his hands (luckily IT wasnt the strongest either and Terrowin didnt loos his thumbs) He screamed in pain and fell back, hiding under his wings, trying to be as small as he could. There was a sickening crunch but he felt no pain. Looking up, he saw his savior. A big dragon known for being quiet, he was......Kainip the cook!(Fanfare applause) Only took a moment of silence before the little boy started crying again, holding his bleeding hurting hands up. Kainip took him home (and the dead scyther), cleaned and bandaged his hands, gave him nummy scyther stew and cuddles till he stopped crying. After that, his mother didn't even have to tell him to just stay within the village until he was strong enough, he was a smart little kid. 
As he got older, he chose to be a hunter. He didn't really want to craft since there were many other that crafted already, and he wanted to be a cook but he had no skills at all in the art of making delicious things. Hunting was his best bet, he could get food for the cooks and furs, claws, teeth, bug shells, etc for crafters. Of course he never got near scyther, soon as he saw one, he was a mile away in less than a minute.When he wasn't hunting or playing around, he liked to stick his nose in tribal affairs and attempt to assist. His mother had taught him to respect the leaders and she often helped them so he was being like his mother. Through each of the main bad evens, the plane crash, the volcano erupting, the second coming of outsiders, etc. he kept a level head and did what he could to help without getting in the way of the leaders. 
During this newest development with the gods, the moses water, and the new island, it seemed that the tao tribe leaders had disappeared/died and there were many of Tao that didn't know what to do. Again, he kept calm, it was gonna be fine after all. Through his life, bad stuff happened but it never lasted long. People die, disappear, unknown objects crash into hunting grounds of gyarados invasion, mother nature decides to throw her best at them, the gods say they'll leave. But good stuff still happened. Also, in this event, the gods returned to assist. With this outlook, he assisted those he could, with what he could, even doing his best to cheer people up. And he never tried to  over cheer up. If they needed some time, he gave them time. With all his efforts during the move and the building of the new tao camp, he was given the chance to be the new deputy, he considered it and decided that helping tao would be great. As deputy, he could do that it was a new experience and those always called to him.

:icondarktypeplz: Crunch
:iconflyingtypeplz: Aerobatics
:iconnormaltypeplz: Double Team
:iconflyingtypeplz: Roost TM

Level Estimate: 35

Bad Habits or Specific Traits: Chases Butterfrees and leaves. Sleeps curled up completely to be wrapped in his feathers, cant sleep any other way. Gnaws on sticks.
- His feathers are super soft from how many times he combs them.
- Thinks of Kainip as a father in a way.
Lilly Dancers Clutch //Open// by RyuKiraXKHX
Lilly Dancers Clutch //Open//
Clutch with :iconpcchamp053: He let me do the whole clutch OwO

Start BA: 6
Start Level: 4
Hatch Date: 2/12/15

1. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz: Mime jr./Lileep Cross Female - 100:points: or 20 levels.
Petal skirt
Taken - :iconbenevolentreprobate:

2. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz: Mime jr./Lileep Cross Male
Girly boy
Taken - Mine

3. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz::icongrasstypeplz: Mime jr./Lileep Cross Male
Four legs
Taken - :iconpcchamp053:

4. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime jr. Female - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Skinny cutie

5. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime jr. Male - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Chubby cutie

6. :iconpsychictypeplz::iconfairytypeplz: Mime jr. Male - 50:points: or 5 levels.
Unenthusiastic cutie

For members of :iconpkmnation: only.
Squishy Ghosts Clutch //Open// by RyuKiraXKHX
Squishy Ghosts Clutch //Open//

Start BA: 16
Start Level: 4
Hatch Date: 2/10/15

1. :iconghosttypeplz::iconpoisontypeplz: Yamask/Gulpin Cross Female - 100:points: or 20 levels
Happy derp

2. :iconghosttypeplz::iconpoisontypeplz: Yamask/Gulpin Cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels
Grumpy derp
Taken - :icontsuki80:

3. :iconghosttypeplz::iconpoisontypeplz: Yamask/Gulpin Cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels
Timid derp
Taken - :iconhazard100:

4. :iconghosttypeplz::iconpoisontypeplz: Yamask/Gulpin Cross Male - 100:points: or 20 levels
Stoic derp
Taken - :iconhellfire-feline:

5. :iconghosttypeplz: Yamask Male - 50:points: or 5 levels

6. :iconpoisontypeplz: Gulpin Female - 50:points: or 5 levels

7: :iconghosttypeplz: Yamask Male - 50:points: or 5 levels

For members of :iconpkmnation: only.
Grass, Grass, everywhere by RyuKiraXKHX
Grass, Grass, everywhere

Petal Dance - Full body, shading, simple bg = 5 x 2 = 10 levels
Kippo - Full body, shading, simple bg = 5 x 2 = 10 levels
Hanna - Full body, shading, simple bg = 5 x 2 = 10 levels

Payment for a ghost egg cat.

Petal Dance, Kippo, and Hanna (c) :iconcheru-hime:


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