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Chipper Stud by RyuKiraXKHX
Chipper Stud

Just a super quick doodle to get him up to level 10. (and more)
Chibi+Full body+bg= 5 points

Look out ladies, this handsome devil is ready to mate, but wait a week, I have plans~
Baby dino payment by RyuKiraXKHX
Baby dino payment

Payment for :iconskullcollectorcubone: for a goomy/ponyta mix.

She gets 30 levels and 2 moves from this. The yellow pics is Thrash and the green pics is Dragon Breath. 
And with this, I have finished all of my payments for all the pokemon I have bought like a crazy lady I am.
Triple  payment by RyuKiraXKHX
Triple payment

Blue payment for :iconmoleberry: of her munna/togepi Shelly.… for a ferroseed/roggenrola. 4 x 5 = 20 levels.

Yellow payment for :iconazailiathefox: of her delibird Little Clown.… for a vulpix/noibat. 7 x 5 = 35 levels

Red payment for :iconfeatherkissed: of her zubat/trapinch/deino Spell.… for a poison fusion Yanma. 4 x 5 = 20 levels.

All pokes belong to their owners.
PT: Valley NPC by RyuKiraXKHX
PT: Valley NPC
(2000 points NPC transfer)

Name: Mto Bonde
Tribal Name: River Valley

Age: 25
Job: Mother (She's looking into new jobs that wouldn't be quite as dangerous as spying so she can still be useful while still being a mother.)
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Stunfisk :iconstunfiskplz:
Season of Birth: Winter
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5' 6"

Ability: Limber - try as you may, she can't be paralyzed hahaha
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Sturdy Body

Personality: She is a confident young womankind not easily offended. If you judge her by her looks, say she's weak or childish she WILL prove you wrong. She is serious with her work and more so with getting stronger. When not being serious, she's laid back and occasionally jokes around. She's incredibly patient. She's very happpy now with Kato(and Black and White) and their son Enzi, she will do her best to watch over them. If someone threatens her son, she's gonna knock them so hard they'll wish they'd just die.

Hobbies: Taking care of her son, talking with friends, keeping fit.
Weaknesses/Fears: Slight allergy to grass, she can eat food with grass in it but it makes her sneeze and her nose itch. Her main fear is loosing Kato and Enzi and her friends. Her second worst fear is if she looses them, would she become like her mom and disappear.

Weapons: Earthbending// shot

History: She was born into Gin tribe to a stunfisk and a bibarel. They treated her like a princess and for a while, she was bossy and lazy to the whole tribe. Then her father died in a hunting incident. She cried for a week, never leaving her home in that time. When she'd finally calmed down and came out, she learned that her mother had disappeared. This was all when she was seven. After that, she started working hard, had to earn her keep and get stronger. Had to protect herself. She didn't want to rely completely on the tribe nor have them trouble themselves taking care of a spoiled kid. The only help she asked for was from the other spies. She wanted to become one since her mother used to be one, and she wanted to be a better spy than her mother. She worked hard and by her namesake day, she was chosen to be a spy. She spent her years, after that, either doing spy work, training, or being lazy and hanging out with her friends.
It didn't come to mind that, when she got in a relationship with Kato, that she practically was living like her parents did. She a spy, he a hunter. But hey....they had a boy instead of a girl, hahaaaaaaa. Also the fact that despite the volcanic eruption, the two different outsider incidents, and the new move, Kato was still was pretty much proving that while she was living similar to her parents, she was doing a better job at it. Since the move, she's given up completely on being a spy anymore and is now looking into what else she can do that isn't quite so dangerous.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Camoflage - Allows her to change the color of her skin, and even clothes and hair, to blend with the surroundings like a kecleon.
:iconflyingtypeplz: Bounce - She jumps up high, using her face fins to give her more height before landing on the foe, usually on the head....with her feet.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Sleep Talk (baby move) - If she falls asleep, she can still use her other moves as if sleep walking.
:iconrocktypeplz: Rock Tomb (TM) - She moves as though she was going to use bounce but lands on the ground instead making rocks rise around her target and trapping them. (Her mom taught her when her dad still lived)

Level Estimate: 36

Bad Habits/Specific traits: 
- She has a lazy eye, her left eye to be exact, but she's gotten it under control, likes to use it to make silly faces for Enzi though.
- She can be a bit of a gossip, don't tell her anything you don't want others to know, unless you're a really good friend.
- There's a larger patch of blue on her back.

Additional Info:
- She likes the color orange.
- She loves lopunny fur.
Relationship Info: In a relationship with Kato 
All these ideas are mine and I would be horribly made and offended if you steal them, but if you're willing to assist in creating these oddities (I'm guessing most likely from the curiosity of what they will look like), I'd be grateful. (And you can comment below.)

For admin to read. Later I will add links to said characters, but otherwise I gave the names so you can look up the characters and see if my wishlist is correct if I want to get these guys. I mean, I will still make them pokemon-y but I want most of their looks to be almost the same.

1. Aerodactyl/Noivern psychic fusion, morph. I have a character I love in another group which is pretty much dead so I wanna bring him here.....but...he isn't a pokemon so I dunno if I can transfer him in, so instead. I'll make him a baby and evolve him to be the beautiful bat monster that I love so much. Name Faylawl.

After this will be a lot of fanime creations. Anime being HunterxHunter.

2. Staraptor/Scyther/Gardevoir (possibly some morph or shiny....not sure) Name, Colt.

3. Kekleon/Gardevoir. Name Meleoron.

4. Gardevoir/Beautifly, possibly shiny. Name Shaiapouf.

5. Gardevoir/Persian.....with other stuff....again, not sure. Name Neferpitou.

6. Machamp/Ditto morph. Name Monthuthuyoupi.

7. Gardevoir/Mr. Mime/Dragonair steel fusion, hopeful for both morph and shiny. This one has to be super duper special. Name Meruem.

8. Shiny, Morph Delibird. This one will probably be the easiest to get. Name Peggy. (All those crazy names and then you get Peggy lD)

9. Morph Shiny Audino. Also will be very special to me. Name Komugi.

10. Morph Shiny Mime Jr./Gardevoir. (I actually know who I can mate to get him if you have a morph ralts through gardevoir girl. Throw your girl at Friendly Joker. He's a douche but he's a shiny mime jr so yeah.) Name Hisoka.

I'm not the richest person, and I dont have special items or special pokemon to give.....but if it makes you more willing to help me, as long as I get one pokemon with all the traits I require, you can have everything example.....If you mate your morph ralts with my shiny mime jr. All i want is the morph shiny ralts/mime jr. You can have all the rest of the morphs, shinies crosses, etc.


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Azailiathefox Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student General Artist
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