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January 6, 2013
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BA: Copy by RyuKiraXKHX BA: Copy by RyuKiraXKHX

Timezone: PST

Name: Copy

Age: Any age it wants to be

Gender: Any gender it wants to be.

Species: Blank. A creature that is moldable like clay. It has no real purpose but to become something else. The default blank is always has three tongues, one to talk fast, one to talk in any language, and one to taste. It is capable of becoming something and staying like that forever if it chooses so.

Primary Class/es: ADD AFTER YOU JOIN

Dorm: Purple

Abilities: Can turn into anything and anyone and even things that don't exsist but always turns back in the end. It can also use any ability but it's like an illusion, ie: You'd only think you were on fire. With putty like skin, you can not harm it externally, you have to use poison or something that attacks it's innards.

Likes: Meeting people, trying new things, food.

Dislikes: Being alone

Personality: Copy decided to stick with a bright and cheery personality. It loves to be social and hates to be alone. It's a bit hyper at times and defiant about choosing a forever form. It says that it won't choose a forever form until it finds someone it loves and then will become whatever they want it to be. As it's name implies, it likes to copy a nother persons appearance to confuse them, even capable of following their exact movements.

History: It came into exsistance a long time ago but never did anything till recently. Copy felt rather lonely, by itself, so it decided to go out and actually do something. And so Copy left the realm of imagination, where blanks are stored until made into whatever imaginative people wanted them to be, and came to the human realm. It was so excited, this place was so different. So much more interesting. It wanted to see everything but it was also afraid to. It didn't know what to expect. And so, Copy came to the closest school it could find, Brookview, to see what it could learn of the world.

Additional info:
- Copy speaks in third person. It does not believe in pronouns. So it won't even call someone else he or she or they.
- Copy, in it's default form, is 5'1"
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Bayo: *running around after school and crushes in to you* Whoa sorry, *looks up* Oh Hi Copy-san
Copy: *meeps, falling over. Looks up* Hi hi ^^
Bayo: *sits up and then helps you up* Remember me Bayo, Bayo Wooley?? Sorry about that!
Copy: Oh hiii~ Is okay, Bayo didn't mean it on purpose
Bayo: *giggles* So how have you been Copy?
Copy: Copy is good thank Bayo
Bayo: *smiles* Happy Valentine's Day Copy-san. *face palm* Whoops forgot to introduce myself. Im Bayo,Bayo Woolley, Nice to Meet you!!
Copy: Valentines?......OH! Is a holiday, yes? Yes, hi Bayo, how did Bayo know Copy's name? Oh, Copy doesn't care, Bayo KNOWS Copy's name, Copy is happy :dummy:
BA Staff Members: *leaves a note on your dorm door*

The Note Said :

**Copy-san We have just noticed you didn't sign up for
classes, Please sign up for at least one class please
~Have a nice day!**
Copy: *gives an answe letter*

Note says:

"Okay, Copy sorry, there just so many, hard for Copy to decide.....Um...Copy wants art and music, yes."
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